#21 Bob Caravella

I'm a new guy on the track. I bought Gary Wyatt's # 65 car and raced it a few times last season. Now I did some modifications and a new sponsor and I'm ready to race and have some fun with my fellow racers. I'm originally from Long Island, New York. I moved here 5 years ago and started to come to the Bullring.I have racing in my blood. I started racing in 1987 in the Enduro Division and eventually moved up to the IMCA Modified Division.Thanks to a great boss at the time, he sponsored the car and helped me greatly. Then in 1996 we fell on some hard times and I have not raced since. But now with all the fablulous people I have met,I had to get back into it again.So here I am to do my best and have a great time. Looking forward to race again with all you professional drivers.thanks and good luck. **** Remember - ONE LAP AT A TIME ****.

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